Refret for ESP Original MV. Most direct SS replacement?

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Refret for ESP Original MV. Most direct SS replacement?

Post by sl33py » Sun Aug 23, 2015 11:38 am

Hey all,

I've got an Original series MV ( )
I've only had it 6-7 years and have a very light touch, but it got a fret recrown in the first 2 years and I can tell the frets are now pitted again. I'm pretty happy with the fret size, but want to try out Stainless Steel in the hopes to not need a fret work in another 3 years. I'm aware that SS is smoother and that *some* people find it to have a slightly brighter sound.

So far as I can tell, THIS is the fretwire I have atm (can someone confirm or otherwise?) (SBB-214H in the list).
I want to be able to tell my luthier the size so we can pick the most appropriate size from whatever SS wire.

Also, any suggestions for the wire? I've heard some brands have been 'plinky', whereas others aren't.
I've read very good feedback on Jescars stuff, but wouldn't have a clue which to buy, none of the frets I see here match up perfectly dimension-wise

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