Hughes and Kettner SWB100H Switchblade Head

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Hughes and Kettner SWB100H Switchblade Head

Post by Thrashanova » Tue Dec 11, 2007 7:11 pm

Hey everyone, well this is my 1st post and seeing as though I play Ibanez and Jackson guitars at the moment I thought Id better post something here.
Ive had the Switchblade head for about 5 months now and I just love it more and more every day.

Anyway, my switchblade amp is an 100w head that features
* 2x 12AX7/ECC83 and 4x EL34 TAD valves
* Clean, Crunch, Lead and Ultra channels
* Built in DSP section with Chorus/Flange/Trem, Reverb and Delay.
* Channel section has - Ch. Master Volume, Pres, Treb, Mid, Bass, Gain
* Master section - Master Vol knob, Store, Loop Active and Serial Buttons
* Rear - Midi In and Thru ports, FX Loop, Speaker outs etc...

As you can see the amp features 4 channels that vary from very very clean like a roland jazz chorus (but with a valvey bite)to extremely heavy ie 5150 etc... It has a built in fx section, with a single reverb knob, a delay section with volume, feedback and time knobs, and a mod fx knob that goes thru some preset Chorus,Flange and Tremolo sounds (limiting the mod fx section somewhat-but for 99% of users the sounds are already close enough to perfect). All Channel Type, EQ, Gain, Channel Volume and Effects settings can be stored into 128 user locations in 32 banks via the included 7 button midi pedal (1,2,3,4, BankUp,BankDown,Tap). The FX Loop can be used in either parallel or series modes and this is also storable per patch. Makes for a very versatile rig.

Ive owned a few really nice "metal" setups over the years like - ADAMP1preamp_KITTYHAWKpoweramp_Mesa 4x12
5150 Sign. Head_Marshall 1960b
Mesa Dual and Triple Recto's_Recto 4x12
Marshall JMP1_Digitech2120_Hush_TC Gmajor_MesaSimul295_2x 1960b
Egnater/Rocktron Vendetta Head_GMajor_1960a
I dont use any pedals except for Midi, Gate and a BadHorsieII Wah.

The 2nd last amp I had so much gear it was 14RU high in a flightcase and with 2 quads. It sounded great and had huge stereo spread, but it weighed a freakin ton and was too much for a skinny guy to move around often. So i sold all that and bought the egnater, but I found that while it was a great amp it didnt have the bite of say a 5150. So then I came across the switchblade and as soon as I turned it on I knew I had to get one. I hate POD's and all the digital modelling, they sound great but all the digital noise and the unnaturalness of it turns my ears way off. But this amp manages to get all those sounds I want that most normal amps cant - A really clean clean, a Hendrix/SRV/RHCP blues, a crushing Pantera/Meshuggah rhythm and a Vai/Petrucci esque liquid shred tone. And its so farkin loud its unbelievable. I have it Mic'd up with an SM57 and a CAD condenser and they start to clip the desk when the amps on around 4. Way loud, like all H+K amps ive tried. It really still boggles my mind but this amp sound its best and heaviest with all tone controls on 10. I usually suck a lot of mids (and still have a scooped sound stored) but the amp is absolute magic on 10 - the clearest, most defined, cleanest and heaviest (?) of all amps Ive owned - easily. It doesnt sound exactly like a recto or a 5150 or a twin or a plexi, it sounds like great fuckin amp. I must admit there is a problem with the cables in the footswitches. Unfortunately the Midi lead has no internal bracing and they break easily and is also hardwired into the pedal rather than a detachable lead. Ive had my original one replaced and am certain it will happen again until I replace the lead with a better type. A shame considering the rest of the amp just totally rules. Id buy another one straight away if it got flogged or whatever. Ill have recordings up on my myspace page when theyre completed, until then I highly recommend going to a store to try one out. RRP is AU$2899 but are done cheaper than that.

So, hopefully I didnt bore you, would be great to hear from other owners!
Cheers \m/


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Post by manta » Tue Dec 11, 2007 10:13 pm

Nice review - thanks for posting
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Post by TLITD69 » Tue Dec 11, 2007 10:44 pm

Sounds like a great amp. :)

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Post by AlexiWildchild » Wed Dec 12, 2007 3:41 am

Nice review! The other guitarist from my band is using the Switchblade, it's a great amp, I really like it.

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Post by Thrashanova » Thu Dec 13, 2007 9:42 am

Cool, glad you enjoyed. If anyone wants to know anything in particular about the amp, ask away. Cheers.

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Post by noob_pwn » Thu Dec 13, 2007 5:46 pm

This isnt the first time i've heard great things about this amp! congrats on the purchase man, you dont have any sound clips or demo vids do you mate?

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Post by Joe-Diddle » Thu Jun 12, 2008 8:23 pm

Good review! I'm sure Shane will be recieving an order for one of these babies after all my Grade 12 bollocks is over and done with. (Formal, Schoolies etc.) :-D

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Post by lifeofsobriety » Tue Jun 17, 2008 6:49 am

I actually got rid of mine a while ago in search of something better. I kind of regret it because it is a great amp that is very versatile. Although, I am a huge VHT fanatic and I love the tone out of the Deliverance.

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