Lusting after the E-SN-24 FIXED 7ST!

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Lusting after the E-SN-24 FIXED 7ST!

Post by sl33py » Tue Jul 25, 2017 2:10 pm

Has anyone ever seen one of these in the flesh? Would love to know more about it. ... D_7ST.html

I've been eyeing off a seven string with fixed bridge for a while, but am very picky about neck profiles and nut widths. Ibanez necks are all way too wide for me and I usually don't get along with 25.5 scales (one exception being the E-II Horizon-III, which seems to have an exceptionally narrow neck).

So I'm looking for a seven string with the thinnest and narrowest neck I can find and this might fit the bill since the Edwards page says the nut is only 46 mm which seems very narrow for a seven. The only other guitar I've seen which came close was the PRS SE custom 24 7 string, which had a 45 mm nut, but I wasn't exactly enamoured with how the guitar felt in general (clunky compared to my ESP and Edwards MV's) so didn't buy it when I had the chance.

Also, any idea how much this would cost, if available through BMusic?

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