Caparison Dellinger HGS FR problems.

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Caparison Dellinger HGS FR problems.

Post by Xtremevillan » Mon Jul 09, 2012 1:43 am

hey guys, it's been a really long time since I posted.

I never really liked my Caparison Dellinger. It's got EMG's in it, which may be part of the problem. No matter how I configure my amp, the lows are purely horrible. They sound so muted compared to the rest of the guitar. Im on a 5150 (6505) to a Vader 2x12. My Jackson SLSMG with dual Evo's sounds AMAZING through the same amp with nearly the same settings so I'm thinking it's the pickups. What should I switch them to? Styles: Death metal, blackened death metal, some rock and blues, jazz/classical through neck pickup. EMG neck pickup is ridiculously high gain so yeah, that's gonna go.

But another problem developed that I remember reading on here but can't find the answer to: that whitish stain on the guitar from sweating and whatever. I haven't removed it since last night because I'm scared of damaging the finish. Any ideas on what to do? Dont want it to build up! Thanks!

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