Laney IRT120H Ironheart Head and matching 4x12 cab

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Laney IRT120H Ironheart Head and matching 4x12 cab

Post by Kharem » Mon Aug 21, 2017 7:10 pm

Looking to move my Laney Ironheart head and matching 4x12 cab. It's the 120w version and comes with a Laney footswitch if you want it. Pretty killer amp, bunch of features you don't see on a heap of amps like the push-pull on the separate eq's and built in pre boost. Full specs on the Laney or Bmusic site.
Condition wise both are probably a 9.8/10, one tiny nick in the tolex on the head and a couple scuffs on the cab that I'll try clean off and that's it, neither have ever been gigged. Little bit dusty but I'll give both a good clean up.
Completely re-tubed (pre and power both to JJ's) and serviced at Sherlock Amps about a month ago so it's running perfectly.

Looking for $1400 for the both of them but open to discussion and trades.

Only taken the one photo for now because there isn't much to show but let me know if you want a specific photo of anything or have any questions.
It won't let me embed the imgur link sorry.

Trade wise I don't really have anything specific in mind, doesn't even have to be an amp, just let me know what you've got in mind and I'll consider it. Happy to work with cash from either end.

Located in Brunswick, happy to deliver or meet anywhere around Melbourne or vaguely close.

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