Line 6 Floorpod Plus, M9 or M13???

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Line 6 Floorpod Plus, M9 or M13???

Postby FilleeDaaahl » Sun Mar 27, 2011 9:45 am

I'm thinking of buying a new multieffect, but I don't know which one to buy.... What do you all here say? Which one is better? And why? And which one would you have bought? And why? Cheers.

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Re: Line 6 Floorpod Plus, M9 or M13???

Postby xCaptainx » Mon Mar 28, 2011 8:13 am

for the money you'd be paying for the M13, I'd recommend getting the HD500. I thought of getting the M9, then the M13, then eventually got the HD500.


- HD500 has a built in expression pedal. M9/13 does not. My patch has a wah and whammy loaded to EXP1 and EXP 2.
- HD500 can run 8 effects at once in any patch, amp included. In any order. I believe with the M13 you'd be restricted to 4. With the HD500 in effects only mode, it creates a HUGE selection for you to play around with. You can assisn the FS1 to FS 8 buttons to any of your effects (or multiple effects at once) I've got my FS2 button set so turn off my gate, and turn on compression, delay and reverb all at the same time.
- HD500 has all ALL the M series effects.
- HD500 has the added benefit of all the amps and USB out for home recording/demos etc
- HD500 is the same price as the M13 I think

I faced the same questions last year, looked into the M9, then after relising all the effects and things I wanted to do (and not wanting to deal with the 4 cable method and heaps of leads, or spending more on two expression pedals) I ended up selling my rig and getting the HD500 + Rocktron Velocity 300. It's made everthing SO much easier. I can still use the HD500 as a multi effects pedal should I do any show with a backline amp (or I just use the effects return to bypass the preamp, I did that on Saturday with a 5150)

You'd be spending over and above the HD500 retail if you got the M13 + expression pedal.

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